Graduation Speech: Braelen's Funeral

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Good morning, The summer was wonderful however it seemed to end extremely fast! Braelen is doing wonderful this year. Though I know it is early in the year, there has been a spark that has resonated again in Braelen 's eyes. He is truly loving school, every morning he is eager to exit the car and ready to embark on a new day. Yesterday was just a remarkable day, when I picked him up from school yesterday he was so proud of him, he explained how he made a 100 on his AR test! Then as he was brushing his teeth last night before bed I asked him to brush his teeth before bed, I went in there to see what the hold up was and he was in the mirror saying the rosary in the mirrior. He is just growing in every facet to make him a wonderfully well rounded person, spiritually as well as educationally. Mrs. Mullett is a wonderful teacher; not enough adjectives to express how happy Braelen is to be in here class. Not to mention how blessed I am he has another fantastic…show more content…
This summer he did participate in the NSU summer enrichment camp for 8 weeks, Monday- Friday 8 A.M.-12 P.M. Unfourtnally with his schedule being so tight in the afternoon, we did not attend Slyvan this summer however we

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