Graduation Speech: Catalina Magnet High School

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Hello everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the semester and a lovely winter break.
Just a little more about me, I went to Catalina Magnet High School and one of my favorite memories from that time was taking the bus home. Sure waiting was a pain, especially in the hot sun, but riding the bus was so relaxing to me because it allowed me to clear my mind and just listen to my music. Another tidbit from my life, I originally came to Pima to be a veterinary technician but quickly changed my mind shortly after completing my prerequisite courses. During that time my favorite classes were probably math and chemistry, which is odd because those were my least favorite classes in high school. I would love to work for a magazine once I graduate, and although I talk about moving far away from Arizona passionately and frequently Tucson has begun to grow on me.
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I have briefly worked in retail, and I did enjoy it. I liked the work I did and one of my supervisors was very friendly, plus getting to the mall early in the morning before the crowds was almost like having it all to myself, a dream come true! As for my professional career, I’ve already taken steps to “get my foot in the door.” I’m currently assembling a professional portfolio, I plant to volunteer at events relating to the advertising industry, and I plan to seek in internship in my desired field very soon once I get some of the software required downloaded on my personal computer. Fingers
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