Graduation Speech: Chick-Fil-A Confident Life

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Hello!! Welcome to my bio! Simply put, I am a mother to my 7 year old son (soon to be 8!). A wife. Enthusiastic pomegranate tea drinker (or any kind of tea really). Blog lover addict. Professional snacker. Especially gifted napper. Generally awesome. A human. Being. Nature lover. Chick-fil-A dependent life-form. ...But wait, there 's more! On top of all of my awe-inspiring personal qualities I also have the ambition to succeed in any given work environment. I thrive when learning new projects and ques! I started here at MultiPlan in 2014 as a NS Support rep and have been on Brandon 's team from day one! Co-workers and management have been very easy to work with and there is a lot of great freindships. Our team building skills are

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