Graduation Speech: Cleveland Cavaliers

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Hello, I 'm Steven Lai. I come today as a hostage, forced to tell you what I believe. I believe in the force. I believe in the Cleveland Cavaliers. I believe in the New England Patriots. I believe I 'm a bandwagoner. But most importantly, I believe words mean nothing until we let them mean something.

Once I was 14 years old, my mama told me: "You have B in math? Aiya! Why no A? You not smart like your brother and sister. You the very stupid!"

Once I was 14 years old, my daddy told me: "Aiya! You no good at math. You no good at all. You bring dishonor to the family."

All I got was a B in math. It was too late to beg for mercy, so I thought of the options I could do to prevent this situation from getting any worse.

Option one: I could
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A guy I knew—let 's call him Hajir—had the aspiration of becoming a rapper. Hajir spat out fire with every verse he sang. He made Gucci Mane look like Gucci Lame. My boy was a natural. Hajir was going to the very best that no one ever was.

One day, as Hajir was strolling down the streets, he spotted a well-known rapper: Drake. He couldn 't believe his luck. Without hesitation, he popped out his phone and played his mixtape out loud for Drake to hear, thinking this was his time to realize his dream. However, no dream was present, only a nightmare. As Drake was entering his limo, he complained, "What 's this trash I 'm hearing? This is worse than Meek Mill." These words left Hajir in tears.

Hajir let those words linger in his mind, allowing them to persuade him to quit rapping. With his passion out of his mind and with his mind being terrorized by hate, it led to the end of his happiness and the start of a Buffalo Wild Wings addiction.

It hurts when the hurtful words come from someone we idolize, but we just have to move on with our lives.

Don 't be like Hajir.

Don 't let words hurt you.

Take control now before you lose it all.

This is your life! Not his. Not her. Not mine. Especially not Drake 's.

So please don 't let words hurt you. They mean nothing until we let them mean something.

Thank you and may the
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