Graduation Speech: Eagle Scout

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My name is Gabe Nixon, I’m seventeen years old, and I’m an Eagle Scout and senior at East High School. I’ve been at East High for the past four years, and I’m the third generation of my family to be graduating from East High since 1932. I’m an Eagle Scout of three years, and am a proud member of the Order of the Arrow. I started scouting in first grade as a Tiger Cub, and it has been an integral part both my childhood and maturity as I’ve gotten older. I hope that I can use the skills I’ve learned in scouting to help me advance through college and beyond, and that in doing so, I can help whomever I meet along the way.
When I first entered scouts, I was immediately met with a plethora of responsibilities and requirements that I hadn’t truly experienced until that point. As I aged, I adjusted to the responsibilities bestowed upon me, and thought by the time I received my Arrow of Light and entered Boy Scouts proper that I was already mature enough to rush and achieve Eagle Scout. But nothing could have been further from the
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Additionally, this aspect of my personality has also allowed me to truly understand and empathize with those who are less fortunate than myself. Through my church and troop’s community service event, as well as my own Eagle Project, I’ve witnessed firsthand how many simple initiatives can transform lives. My intense interest in current events and issues requires a deeper understanding of governance and statistics that I feel the University of Kansas can offer. These challenges simply cannot be understated, hence my application to this scholarship program. I can bring a unique and desperately needed perspective to the University, and I will be able to take the practical and academic knowledge I will gain at KU out with me into the working
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