Graduation Speech: Gaining Veterans's Rights

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Good evening NOVA, I’d just like to start this off with saying how proud I am to come speak here about our service men and women who have dedicated their lives for the safety of our wonderful nation. Paying it back to these people are one of the key issues that I’ve been striving to fight for in the Senate, as we do owe the honor upon these people to fight tooth and nail for them. Now I do know that I’m not very well know, I’ll introduce myself, I’m Senator Johnny Ron of Utah, and I’d just like to assure everyone in this room that I do fully believe in giving back to our veterans in any way possible. Washington is a tough place to get things done when it comes to Veterans issues, as we don’t have the time for the partisan bickering that usually ensues throughout the hill. As Governor Allen stated before, it is shameful to see our government leaving Veterans behind. This is something that I won’t be able to stand to see in the senate and am going to fight for the rights of those that protected our rights. Recently in the Senate, I’ve introduced legislation to get Veterans back to work, this is going to be a key part in combating the issues of Veteran unemployment and homelessness. I think it’s…show more content…
This is going to ensure that no corruption or government inefficiency is stopping our Veterans from getting the benefits they deserve. Long-wait times are something that has plagued VA facilities for a long time now, Veterans are being forced to wait during times of dire need for help. The call is going to be answered, if your faith is put into me, VA facilities are going to be near every single Veteran in this country, wait times are going to be a thing of the past, and the greatest doctors and professionals are going to be hired throughout the
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