Graduation Speech: Kinder Bridge Mother

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Good morning Kinder Bridge Parents,
I am asking you and your families to join your Joy family in prayer for our Ms. Debbie. Last Saturday Ms. Debbie traveled to North Carolina to visit her brother and sister-in-law for fall break. Shortly after arriving and on their way to dinner, she was involved in an automobile accident. Ms. Debbie has suffered several broken bones. Since Sunday she has undergone several surgeries to repair her broken bones and is now resting comfortably. Her Joy family has been praying for God’s healing and protection on Ms. Debbie since receiving this sad news and have been in constant contact and prayer with her family.
After hearing of this news I prayed for God to guide me in placing a special person to be a substitute
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Debbie’s substitute. She has been a teacher for many years and was a Kindergarten teacher at Joy before she retired last spring. Ms. Houtcooper will be in the classroom on Monday morning and Ms. Jill will be there to assist her. We want to reassure you the transition will go smoothly, as Ms. Houtcooper helped developed with the curriculum for the Kinder Bridge program, along with Ms. Debbie and myself several years ago. Ms. Houtcooper will be in contact with you soon to introduce herself.
Please use your judgement in explaining to your child why Ms. Debbie will be gone for a while and that there will be a substitute for her until she can return. Our Joy staff will protect your decision by just sharing that Ms. Debbie will be gone for a while because she is resting from being sick.
In the meantime, I will be collecting cards to send to Ms. Debbie. If you would like to send her a card, just turn them into the front office. We will also send cards and videos to Ms. Debbie from the students periodically to cheer her up during her recovery. We are blessed to have staff and family would want to help Ms. Debbie and her family at this time. We do ask out of respect for the family that you do not contact them directly. We will send you more details as information becomes available and give you information on ways you can

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