What Is My Favorite Teacher Essay

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Most people, if they are lucky enough, at one point in their life has had an extraordinary teacher or mentor that helped them discover in a side of their inner self that no other mentor or teacher has ever shown them before. Your favorite teacher made you realize how smart you can actually be and how a combination of effort and attitude can truly make anything happen. I am a student and my favorite teacher showed me how to have self-confidence and to believe in myself. That teacher showed me what grit really meant early on the fifth grade. I am in event grade now, and those teachings of self-worth and positivity still embody the person I am today. Most students need someone that will tell them they are appreciated and cared for. Students yearn from the adults in their life approval and acceptance. Teachers can satisfy that desire for all students who need that kind of special…show more content…
At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to educate the future generations and why? Maybe it was your love for children, or maybe your love for helping others. Or maybe it was because you once had a teacher in your life that was so great you promised yourself that you wanted to be like that teacher someday. Whatever your reason was, the bottom line is that you signed up for a job that requires patience and a loving character and although I am only a student and I know almost nothing about how it is to take on your profession, I can give you the a student’s perspective on what makes the best teachers in a classroom because if the student doesn’t like your teaching then you are going to have a hard time in the classroom. Don’t get me wrong, a student will try their hardest to learn because they do not want to fail but most likely that student will not have fully understood the full material like they are supposed to at the end of the year. The student will eventually give up on the class and not care as much as a teacher would expect from a
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