Graduation Speech: My Hero's Legacy

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Legacy: First off, I’d like to thank my parents before anyone else. Between taking me to all my gymnastics competitions, practices, soccer games, basketball games, horseback riding lessons, I couldn’t put anyone before them. I wouldn’t be the athlete, student, or the person I am today if I didn’t have them in my life. My mom, Debra as most know, has had a great influence on my life. My mom and I are very close and I’m so glad I could have such an amazing relationship with my mom. I know I can always look to the sideline and see her there cheering me on; she’s my biggest fan. Through all our good times (gymnastics car rides, movie nights, trips to Disney and Florida, and just long talks) there’s also the times where she had to play the role…show more content…
My other grandma, although not around often, I know she supports me as much as she can and always follows all of my action through my dad and Facebook. Next, I’d like to thank my cousin Jasmine, Aunt Donna and Uncle Danny, for always giving me a place to go to and some great people to always talk to. Next, I’d like to thank my best friends, Katlynn, Hugo, Robbie, Devin and Kaylee. You five are the bestest friends anyone could ever ask for and I couldn’t have been more blessed than to spend 12 plus years with you all. We’ve all had so many great memories together and I don’t think it’ll be easy finding friends in college that mean as much to me as you all. Katlynn, first of all, you "yock", you’re my bestest friend, my sister and I can’t wait to go on family vacations together when we’re older. Hugo, I give you a lot of credit for dealing with all my shenanigans, terrible singing and just odd adventures almost every time we hang out. Robbie (Porky) my first best friend and my forever friend, I will never forget spending every day with you since we were two years old. Between the bus rides to school, four wheeling and pool parties, it’ll be impossible to ever forget
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