Graduation Speech: My Last Day In Shakespeare's Life

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Don’t worry, Jesus is monitoring your every step and he would give you strength to fight against all odds. It is all destiny, Birju was here to face the experience beyond normal so don’t worry about him. Tomorrow is your last day in Calcutta and different situation will come in your way where you have to take decisive action- she said with full honesty These hoodlums are planning to harm you but don’t worry Jesus is in your heart and with you to save you both from all unwanted situations- she further added placidly Hoon- I sighed You wear this dress when you are happy and try to visit me- said with a beaming smile Yes Adam, this is all true and wants that you should do one thing for me- her expression changed and she looked seriously toward me in a reflective ways and I saw her eyes started filling with tears and slowly drops of tears were coming out from her eyes What happened Sandara?- she seemed sorry and worried but her tears filled my heart with love and concern for her I want your commitment and please don’t say no- she said Yes Sandara- I asked her…show more content…
Adam my mother and father died and I did not perform Pind Daan for them, I am spirit but I will enter into Ana and Ana will help in freeing my parent spirits from this world. This is Hindu doctrine of attaining Mukti from this cycle of birth and death and this all has responsibility on my shoulder for my parents and I want your commitment- her voice choked with the prospect of leaving Adam

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