Graduation Speech: The Five Presidential Debates

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THE popcorn in the microwave oven filled the kitchen with the sound of kernels exploding in a rapid succession. The oven beeped. William removed the bag, tore open the top, and poured the buttery popcorn into a bowl. He carried the bowl into the living room and sat next to Mary on a leather sofa. “Smells good,” Mary said, helping herself to a handful. “Remember when we were kids we used to make JiffyPop on the stovetop?” “Oh, yeah, of course. You had to shake it like hell while the tinfoil expanded and that little hole in the top steamed.” “Yup. Those were the days. That popcorn always tasted better than this nuked stuff.” “The popcorn may have been tastier, but I’m inclined to believe that these are the days,” Mary said, nestling into William’s embrace. “You won’t get an argument from me. Okay, here we go,” William said, turning up the volume on a flat screen television mounted on the wall.…show more content…
Welcome to the fourth in our series of five presidential debates. I’m Peter Senge. I’m joining you live from Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I will be moderating tonight’s debate featuring the three presidential candidates. Tonight’s debate format provides each candidate ninety seconds for introductory remarks, and ninety seconds to make closing arguments. After the opening remarks, I will begin asking a series of questions. Each candidate will have ninety seconds to respond, and then another ninety seconds for rebuttal. Let’s begin with an introduction to each of the

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