Graduation Speech: Undocumented Immigrants

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I am honored and humbled for this great opportunity to address this joint meeting of the Congress of the United States. Honorable Speaker, Vice-President, and members of congress, I am truly privileged to stand here on behalf of my Hispanic, and immigrant brothers and sisters, who stand as an important pillar of this nation’s economy and prosperity. A year ago, I was living in one of the most dangerous countries of the world, devastated by the hands of poverty and delinquency, and torn with the materialized selfish thoughts and avarice of corrupt political leaders. A country where the struggle of survival is an everyday challenge. It was a year ago that I lived in a nation in which opportunities for socioeconomic progress are scarce, and were the idea of safety is forever perpetuated as a…show more content…
However, these 11.3 undocumented immigrants are people with the dream of overcoming the difficulties, necessities, and limitations that they face on a daily basis. In them I see hope, perseverance, ambition, and the hunger for a better future for them and for their future generations, and without a doubt the United States of America is the most qualified nation to grant such aspirations. I humbly invite you, distinct creators of the law system of this country, for a consideration of openness for the people amongst this 11.3 million who have demonstrated impeccable behavior, whose sole purpose is to thrive, and contribute to the improvement of this nation. They deserve the title of “legal residents”. In the end it is cultural diversity, bondage, international relationships, unity, equality, freedom, and justice for all, what makes America a great place to live. No longer can we harbor division, and hatred towards one another, let’s expand our horizons, to inspire many generations to come, and gear them to
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