Graduation Speech: Welcome Speech

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen.
Leshata Secondary School is a school that takes pride in excellence, our aim is to make sure that each learner that we produce becomes a valuable member of the society. I would like to welcome you to our award giving ceremony and thank who was involved in making this day possible.

I am highly delighted to stand in front of you all on this wonderful day where we will be acknowledging each and every learner who has performed to the best of their abilities during the year. This ceremony is not only held to celebrate but to recognize talent and to encourage learners not to settle for less but strive for perfection. In this way, we are starring conviction thereby encouraging a spirit of competition amongst the learners that will not only help them achieve their goals but bring glory to our school.
I believe that each learner in this room is capable and able to excel in their academics and other extra mural activities. To those learners who will not be receiving any award
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Life has a way of weighing us down, we want to live a life full of joy and success but the problems we come across in life, be it financially, academically or socially often leads to hopelessness but I am here to tell you that you can overcome. Everyone has a dream, and your dream is the one that will drive you when you in despair and you feel like you will not make it through the year. Your dream affects the way you talk, think and the way in which you live.
George Bernard Shaw (1949, p465) once said, “Dream of things that were never there and ask yourself why not?”. Do not let your present situation limit your capabilities, whatever is on your report card right now does not mean you cannot but it is a motivation for you to press on even more harder. One way to get to your goal is to never stop going. Surround yourself with people who have dreams because you will get fed of the crumbles of their

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