Graduation Speech: Why College Athletes Are Not Getting Paid

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Good afternoon 8R. Today, I am urging an issue that had appeared in the community of the NCAA. The college basketball athletes are not getting paid. Many high school basketball players have been admitted into the NCAA over the years. Winning the NCAA games and winning the tournaments have been a major part for plenty of colleges. From colleges like Duke to Florida State, there are hundreds of NCAA basketball teams out there with players that have certain talents and skills in an assortment of areas. But are skills and talents in basketball what really matters to the colleges and to the community of the NCAA? There were numerous moments when it really mattered, but not all moments mattered. Making it into the NCAA college basketball teams is a difficult commission and many high school basketball athletes have tried to accomplish that task. A quantity of high school athletes have succeeded and a majority of them have not. The issue concerning the NCAA athletes is that they are not being paid to play in these tournaments and games. They are not being paid to win, and to move on to play numerous other teams. With countless new players, the NCAA would have to pay the athletes different amounts of money depending on how long the athletes were on the teams.…show more content…
Some are from the best of the best players; from the elite players to the gifted players. According to, 3.4% of the high school basketball athletes are selected and move on to play in college. Clearly, the athletes spend most of their time-playing and practicing to make it to an NCAA basketball team. They learn how to perfect their skills and talents. On the other hand, how many high school basketball athletes do you know that actually make it to an NCAA basketball team? It seems as though, the athletes are not getting the recognition and money they should for spending most of their time practicing their skills and
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