Graduation Speech: Why I Give Back To America

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I constantly remember that day as if it were yesterday. June 25th, 2009 was the day that I left my country to come live in America. There are plenty of families and friends left behind to chase my dreams on the day my life forever changed. It became the greatest day of my life yet, now I’ve been able to take advantage of opportunities to follow my dreams, to excel myself and family and give back to my country and community. Being here has allowed me to take advantage of opportunities that my country didn’t have the ability to provide. Here in America have the opportunity to pursue an education beyond high school and to follow my dreams unlike some of my friends and family back home. While growing up, my mother always told…show more content…
So my goal is to go back to my country to build schools, libraries, hospitals, houses and other resources. Since my country doesn’t have the ability to provide and I want to make a change. I want to start a philanthropic organization, where anyone can donate funds to the less fortunate. I also want to give back to my Alma mater. Donating money to my college additionally benefits to contribute back to the upcoming generation of students. The money that I give away to my Alma mater generally goes to current scholarships and to support fund new programs for the upcoming classes of students who will attend my Alma mater. Usually it’s a remarkable to give away money and to know that I can have an abiding impact on forthcoming generations of my fellow college scholar long into the future to come. Thus, as a college freshman, I have many tribulations to overcome. Whatever my intention, college can guide me to the finish line. Whether I have outlined out a lifelong plan or I can visualize new possibilities every day, college can help me become my future self. Getting a college education is an expenditure that will pay back for a lifetime. People with a college education have more suitable job opportunities, earn more money, and develop potential that can never be taken
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