Grady Stiles Case Study

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Grady stiles Jr. is a murder that was born on July 18, 1937 with an inherited deformity called ectrodactyly. This disorder caused his fingers and toes to be fused together that gave a lobster claw like appearance. This disorder impaired his ability to walk, which caused him to be wheel-chaired majority of the time. Due to being wheel chaired he mainly used his arms for locomotion, and as a result he established unbelievable amounts of upper body strength. The boy was the 6th consecutive person in his family to have been born with the disorder, which was started off with William Stiles in 1805. His father was an attraction on side of carnival shows. Once Grady was born he was soon added as an addition to the shows.
Grady Stiles Jr. was married twice and had a total of four children. Only two of the children, a son named Grady the third and Cathy were also born
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Grady’s wife Maria found a man named Chris Wyant who agreed to assassinate Grady. Maria and her stepson agreed to pay Chris $1500 to murder Grady. On November 29, 1993 Chris shot and killed Grady.
The contemporary trait theories played a part in his murder due to his being born with physical deformities. Contemporary trait theory states that a combination of physical traits and environment produces individual behavior patterns. Being born with the condition that he had must have been a strain on his life due to him being called a “freak” and only job that he could obtain is working at a circus where people paid just to see his deformity. This then led to the biosocial theory, which affected him greatly because of his alcohol abuse. Even though it could be said that his condition caused his aggressiveness it is not completely accurate as to his children being born with the same sort of condition and not growing up to commit murder or any careless crimes besides the one that ordered the

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