Graf Zeppelin: Around The Stock Market

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The warning signs had already appeared in early September 1929. Sharp increases and drops in the stock market signaled a disaster waiting to happen, but few people knew or cared. On September 3rd, the Dow Jones Industrial average reached a record-breaking high of 381.17, assuaging the fears of worried investors. Though the market was unstable, hope was high that the prices would soon rise. Their optimism was reflected by their excessive spending. Each purchase seemed to prove that the American economy was still sound. Consumers bought on credit or by speculation, believing that they could pay the bill another time.
For a few weeks, sales continued to recover from falls. When stock market fell 11% on October 24th, banks suspected that the market
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After its previous successes in endurance flights and transatlantic crossing, the Graf Zeppelin became the first passenger-carrying airship to fly around the world on August 29th, 1929. Covering 21,2500 miles, the Graf Zeppelin carried 60 men and a woman, much of whom were journalists from various countries. The biggest zeppelin built so far – about 775 feet head to tail – it began its journey on August 7th in Lakehurst, New Jersey and traveled the world in just 12 days and 11 minutes. Led by Commander Hugo Eckener, the Graf Zeppelin crossed desolate Siberia, reached an altitude of 6,000 feet, survived a 6,800-mile nonstop flight to Tokyo, and entered the United States through the Golden Gate Bridge. Without a doubt, he and his ship were celebrated at every stop of the trip. Wild crowds, a tea party with the Emperor of Japan, and a ticker tape parade in New York greeted him with exuberance and support. Though many had been skeptical of such a long flight succeeding, this triumphant airship became a spectacle to remember for years to come.

The Broadway Melody, Top Grossing Movie of the
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A passionate and unique film with equally passionate and unique actors and crew, it has been a box office hit since it’s premiere on February 1st, 1929. The first all-sound musical, “The Broadway Melody” earned a whopping $4.3 million in its worldwide release. With its astounding soundtrack, interesting camera angles, and tragic story, “The Broadway Melody” intrigued audience and quickly became popular due to its creativity and drama. The sound studio had invented sound editing and pre-recorded soundtracks, allowing the team to craft music with better sound quality and flexibility. In addition, the lead actresses, Bessie Love and Anita Page, captured the public’s attention with their stunning performances in comic and dramatic scenes. Although many critics agree that the movie was rather abrupt with dialogue and pacing, overall, the film was, as movie critic Irene Thirer proclaimed, a “combination of splendid direction and real
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