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In the world we know art as many things Acting,Dancing, Digital and Traditional Hand drawn art, but Something many people debate on is Graffitis status as art While many people argue about graffiti and its status in the art community .Graffiti has been considered to be drawings, paintings, or other markings on surfaces in public places. Although this is often believed to be a relatively modern form of art, it actually dates back centuries ago.

Many people have debated about how Graffiti isn 't Art since its illegal and how people can get in serious trouble when caught vandalising property. While they have the risk of Having to pay for property damage, have a Felony offense or have penalties, fines for vandalism. “Graffiti is illegal and shouldn 't be done. If the person is so interested in painting on buildings and other property, they should do it on paper and murals. Then I would call it art. Doing something illegal should not be called artistic and beautiful in any way, shape or form” argued Breeanna_Bearn on While it 's illegal many people of the world enjoy it and it will be commonly found as a mural for a park,church or a school. . Another person said this “haters who are not willing to look at the big picture and think what graffiti really entails can call it vandalism, crime, whatever you want ,but think if Jackson Pollock splashed his paint all over the wall on the street he would get arrested too. If Picasso suddenly got bored and started

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