Graffiti: Revok Bacic Art And Going To Jail

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Graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a public wall or other surfaces. Graffiti is assoteated with gangs vandalism and urban plight of decay. Graffiti is just what the artest can do on the spot with paint and talent street art is when the artests bring things like stencels and stickers and mostly things to help there are look better. Graffiti artests also have to be conserned about being fined and going to jail. Graffiti is for those who lack bacic art nolage. Street art is a more modern art formof graffiti. Some notable artists of the time period are; Daryl Mccray, revok, saber, and iz the wiz.
McCray was the vary first person to make graffiti in 1967.It was made in the juvenile. institution halls

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