Banksy Street Art Analysis

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In the most basic sense, the role of art seeks to please people with beauty. The battered world in which we reside today is victim to widespread bloodshed, violence and terror; hence the role of art and its presence in society seeks to serve as a reminder to people that there is still some beauty that exists within the realm of this world. It functions to refresh people and reiterate the concept of better things and “transcendent realities” that serve as an escape to the monotonous routine of one’s life.
On a much deeper level, art seeks to express important values in society to people in order to have an impact on them on how they govern their daily lives. Sometimes the reinforcing of these values can unite people and bring them under the umbrella of a common notion which they believe in strongly. Other times the role of art can be used to provoke a response amongst people by
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Most street artists including Banksy have employed the use of pseudonyms to avoid legal prosecution for vandalism. His work traces back to the early 1990’s but it wasn’t until the end of that decade that he had started to establish himself as a popular artist. His street art primarily focuses on the processes of intervention by public engagement through his political dialogue on social issues. His art is mostly site specific and it is ephemeral art created with stenciling techniques. His work creates an atmosphere of questioning in the general public as they rekindle the functionality of public art. His work is prominent by creating a response from the youth because of the appeal that he strikes with the use of striking imagery and blunt usage of messages with an art form. He often voices the sentiments of felt by those that are often shunned to the margins of society and therefore viewers are forced to reflect on social practices and cultural aspects that define humans for who they
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