Disadvantages Of Street Art

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In this research, I am studying about the similarities and difference of interpretations between artists and non-artists towards street arts, graffiti and murals. I am studying about the interpretations on the three different forms of arts because I am eager to know how in the eyes of the artists who are majoring in these three types of arts see each one of them differently but then appear to be similar by the public (merely of passersby who are lack of interest and knowledge in arts). It is undeniably true that different people have different perspectives on everything. In arts, some say that the views and interpretations of artists and non-artists towards an artwork are different. However, some may say that they are similar.
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(FROM WHERE) But how far true it is, is still questioned. According to one of the artists, Satria Utama, even if there is a disadvantage to the movement, he still think that this disadvantage itself would give an advantage to the society or country or both in one way or another. For example, even though graffiti (tagging and scribbling) is sometimes viewed as an act of vandalism, it can somehow educate the society on how to appreciate the beauty of dark side in life. In this particular piece, the quote “life was for free but to live, it will cost your life” means that life is given easily and freely but living it is a task and it cost us in a way, maybe in sufferings or pain. Furthermore, they can also bring more advantages, given that, the artists themselves know their role in the society. However, over-flooding of the scene with mere trend-followers under total ignorance of…show more content…
Some of the artists, sometimes do ‘unofficial’ community service like painting over a badly vandalized wall of a shop, and sometimes they do it without permission. However, most of the time the owners ended up liking it, if they somehow manage to get respond from the owners. So, this has created a positive impact to both the society and country indirectly. If these things are observed and well organized by the government or other bodies, the non-artists think that graffiti and street arts can be used to decorate city and old buildings, hence become the centre of attraction for tourists from all over the world just like the one in Penang. (PIC) Moreover, they actually bring the other side of the society in which they trigger a different way of thinking to the youngsters. If done correctly, it can portray our culture and also represent our local context other than diversify our culture instead of being rigid to only one specified layout. Nevertheless, most of the one that can be seen around Kuala Lumpur are more influenced by the Western culture which does not match with our values. In contrary, if done illegally, they can be bad to both society and country as most of them involve curse words and inappropriate slangs. In short, the non-artists and artists themselves feel that the
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