Graffiti Vs Graffiti

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In this research, I am studying about the similarities and difference of interpretations between artists and non-artists towards street arts, graffiti and murals. I am studying about the interpretations on the three different forms of arts because I am eager to know how in the eyes of the artists who are majoring in these three types of arts see each one of them differently but then appear to be similar by the public (merely of passersby who are lack of interest and knowledge in arts). It is undeniably true that different people have different perspectives on everything. In arts, some say that the views and interpretations of artists and non-artists towards an artwork are different. However, some may say that they are similar. Therefore, this creates a question to myself on how far are they differ or similar from each other?

What is street art, graffiti and mural?
Basically, street art is any art developed in public spaces. The term can include traditional graffiti art work, as well as, stencil graffiti, sticker art, wheat pasting and street poster art, video projection, art intervention, guerrilla art, flash mobbing and street installations. 1 Since graffiti and murals are also developed in public spaces, some says graffiti and murals might fall under street arts and it is as if like street art appears to be the parent for both graffiti and murals. But how far the truth to this context is still doubted. New media forms such as projection
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