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Graham Hess is the film’s protagonist who struggles to cope with the loss of his wife Colleen while trying to hold his family together. The film Signs directed by M. Night Shyamalan is about the test of Graham’s faith as he and his family deal with mourning all while trying to stay safe from the impeding alien invasion. The storyline starts up right away as every member of the family is introduced and his or her personality is revealed. Graham is introduced as the protagonist. Graham is shown to be a caring person as he helps his family mourn over the death of his wife and mother to his children, Colleen, while severely trying to cope with the loss himself. He is a former Reverend but later loses his faith in God after the death of his wife. Colleen is Graham’s deceased wife whose last words to her husband before she passed were to “tell Merrill to swing away” and to “tell Graham to see”. Morgan is Graham’s son and very mature for his age. Morgan usually acts in place of his father when…show more content…
(It is at this moment where Graham finally realizes what Colleen meant when she told him to see.) The alien grabs Morgan’s limp body and sprays him with poison gas. The gas does not affect Morgan because his lungs are closed up because of his asthma. Graham takes Morgan outside and Morgan says that he must have been born with asthma so he could survive the gas attack. As if it was meant to be. Merrill tries to attack the alien with the baseball bat that hangs on the wall from when he hit that record 507 ft. hit. As he swings, Merrill knocks a glass of water onto the alien (the water the Bo has left around the house after not finishing it), which appears to hurt it. Merrill swings away, knocking glasses of water onto the alien eventually killing it. The family has finally found a way to defeat the aliens, and come together at a time of crisis. Graham’s faith is restored and he returns to his job in

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