Grammatical Influences On My Writing

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Over the last semester I have experienced and learned a lot that has helped me expand my writing. Throughout the semester, I thought it would be difficult to keep up and stay focused on one certain topic, but I know now that is not the case. I have found it is easy to focus on one topic because I began to know a lot about it and became more curious about the topic. I choose the topic rape only because I felt society was targeting the wrong audience. It seemed as throughout the past year more rape incidents have happened that are not dealt with correctly and I wanted to bring that to light. I did not feel like I had any issues with the content in any of my papers this semester; however grammatically I struggled.
While writing my research proposal paper I found it extremely difficult to read the stories of rape victims. Mainly, it was difficult to read how men could do such an awful thing to a woman and act like it was okay. Also, another issue I had while writing my paper was the grammatical errors. I know over the past semester I have learned what major grammatical errors I should look for that I have made continuously. My research paper made me question my topic and if I should change it or not because of how difficult it was to read. I thought the paper itself was easy to write in general and if I had a different topic I
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I struggled with grammatical errors once again and missed the goal I was looking for. I liked writing this paper because I was able to put in more information from my articles than I was in the annotated bibliography paper. It seemed easier to put more information into the paper, than to cut out information like in the annotated bibliography paper. I was difficult to decide how I wanted to put the information from the documentary into this essay. The documentary I choose was not a very good source; however, it was the best documentary I had to choose
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