Grammaticality Judgement

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Grammaticality judgment task is one of the tests that SLA researchers use to assess the grammaticality of a certain aspect of structure. For example, Kang’s (2002) justification for the use of the GJT tests in SLA studies is “to avoid processing difficulties, such as slips of the tongue, memory, etc., often found in production tasks, grammaticality judgments may be appropriate to tap into the learners’ implicit knowledge of the new features” (p.55). Unlike the cloze task, the GJT will be designed to examine the comprehension rather than the production of the distribution of the perfective and imperfective markers with the aspectual classes of verbs. Both GJTs for sample1 and 2 will be designed by the researcher. Again, the items in this task will include a variety of tenses and will be distributed across the four lexical aspectual categories of verbs. Participants will be first asked to read each sentence and then decide either it is grammatical (G) or ungrammatical (U) by circling the letter (G) or (U). The context of the sentence determines either it is grammatical or ungrammatical. Example for sample1 I swim two kilometers yesterday night. G U John seemed very tired after taking the exam yesterday. G U Look! The boy is crying. G U Example for sample 2 اشترى محمد بيتاً جديداً الأسبوع القادم

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