Grand Banquet In The Story Of Cinderella

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3.3The grand banquet Grand Banquet is the fate turning point for two Cinderella. It has different meaning of banquet in two stories. Banquet in two stories reflects the diversity of culture and customs.“Many minorities in south china have a custom to choose their marriage partner in the festival. They will set a date for young people who at different villages to have the right to choose a marriage partner freely[4].”The banquet in the story of Yexian has shown such cultural customs. Since today, many minorities in southern China still have the custom to choose a marriage partner in the banquet. In the story of Cinderella, the banquet is held by King to choose a girl as marriage partner for prince. In the story of Cinderella,King was held in the banquet to choose a girl as marriage partner for prince. The banquet to hold for the European upper class people in which not everyone can participate. Banquet in the story reflects the European high society life. This is a communication opportunity for upper class people.
3.4The checking of shoes In ancient China, there are many popular folk marriage customs of shoes such as: "the same shoes”. Bride must prepare two pairs of new shoes before marriage. Bride should put their shoes into shoes. It means harmony. Wish the couple to be happy for a lifetime. In the story of Yexian, King through the shoe to search for Yexian is accord with the custom of checking shoes. Western people will exchange a token of love before marriage.

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