Grand Canyon University Case Study

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There are 69,000 students enrolled at Grand Canyon University either in the undergraduate, graduate, or online programs. GCU is a rapidly growing and successful for-profit university constantly looking for innovation to please the investors. On GCU’s main campus there are around 18,000 students enrolled to participate school on grounds with only four smaller weight rooms and one strength training facility for the division one athletes only. Many of students on campus participate in colligate athletics, club sports, and other various physically demanding activities such as CrossFit, weight training, and hiking. It is obvious there is an apparent problem within Grand Canyon University limiting its student’s opportunities to work out and live a healthy lifestyle due to the lack of weight lifting equipment on…show more content…
GCU doesn’t have much building space to continue building new weight lifting facilities, but however there is plenty of open land to build an outdoor training/ weight lifting facility. Compared to indoor weight lifting equipment outdoor equipment is significantly cheaper making this proposal more appealing. Because GCU already has a resort type of feel to it the outdoor lifting facility would fit the brand of the school beautifully. GCU is also known for its brand new looking campus and continuing to give it a fresh and clean look to pull in high school seniors. Grand Canyon also does a ton of marketing through commercials, merchandise, events such as academic and sporting events. Being able to market to potential students that GCU has an outdoor training facility will give Grand Canyon University a competitive advantage against other schools across the country. This new investment would still follow GCU’s morals and beliefs while just giving students more opportunities to be active and live a healthy
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