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R is for Reserve Grand Champion Every year my family and I go to the Heart of Illinois (HOI) Fair. We normally enter in the Hobbies Department. What that is, is anyone can put a display together of an item on a board with a maximum amount of 10 items. For example, dolls (Barbies, Polly Pockets, china dolls, etc.), cars ( Hot Wheels, model cars, matchbox, etc.), animals ( stuffed animals, Beanie Babies, Breyer, etc.) and many other categories. Anyways, you bring the display into the hobby barn at the HOI Fair, you get to set it up and do whatever you would like to it. Then the next day the HOI Fair opens to the public. So your display is available for anyone to see that paid admission into the fair. But, the best part is before the fair opens there is a group of people, judges who place the displays, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. So sometimes you don’t always place. But, the people that are lucky enough to place get a blue ribbon for 1st, a red ribbon for 2nd, and a white ribbon for 3rd, along with a small cash prize. The judges also decide which 1st placed display gets grand champion and which one gets reserve grand champion. These come with a bigger ribbon and more cash. Grand champion gets a dark purple ribbon and…show more content…
I was super excited to find out what I had placed in my category, or if I had even placed. So when we finally got to the HOI Fair, I dragged my family to the hobby barn to see if I placed. So I run into the hobby barn to look at my display. Sure enough there sat the light purple ribbon with the gold state seal that glimmered in the sunlight, almost as if it was smiling up at me and that oh so small blue ribbon sitting next to it. Oh, and the sign right next to it that read in bold letters Tarren Smith Reserve Grand Champion. I couldn’t believe it, I Tarren Smith got reserve grand champion! I ran over to my mom dragged her to my display and we both started giggling, smiling and squealing in
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