Grand Cinema Analysis

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The improvement of the Grand Cinema.
The Grand Cinema is the four-largest theater in Bangkok with many branches in central business area in Bangkok. With the aim of appealing to audience as wide as possible, the Grand Cinema has successfully been running their business, but there is always having new strategies that can improve the quality to maximize the success rate in the business. This is an overview of some key steps that we think it will improve the Grand cinema. We separate these key steps into 5 parts.
For the First Improvement we will use Generic Strategy that was developed by Michael Porter and be used widely in business session to improve the Grand Cinema business situation, Generic Strategy has 3 parts that is the cost leadership,
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That will reduce the performance of the business and the solution is technology implementation. We focus on the data storage system, the paper-based data store both in detail or statistics always end up with data loss or inaccurate data store. Data storage systems can help these problems, these platforms are allowed the Grand Cinema to organize and manipulate the data of their business better such as movie, schedule, finance and customer data, because the program are developed for storing data so that it will reduce error and help the employees to make their work easier in term of data storage.…show more content…
And with that method E-CRM will make the CRM phrase to work more efficiently by technology implementation, the Grand Cinema can keep all customer feedback and marketing materials that the company has offered to the customers into data-storage, database’s programs or platforms so that the Grand Cinema can easily tracking and organizing the well-organized marketing information, this make it easier to offer outstanding services and promotions to the customers, as well as finding targeted business material based on customer preferences.

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