Grand Cross Research Paper

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Have you noticed anyone wearing a jewel with a blue ribbon? Or anyone that has a pin of a white cross with rainbow colored diamonds on it? These people are Masters of the Grand Cross of Color, and someday you may also earn that title. The Grand Cross of Color is one of the highest awards that the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls can give to its members and advisors with masonic affiliation. Each year, new people are designated by the Supreme Assembly to become Masters of the Grand Cross of Color, and the number of designates depends on the number of members each assembly is able to initiate between January and December. For every three initiates an assembly gains, they are able to award one Grand Cross to an active girl and one…show more content…
Snedden, as the Supreme Deputy of Pennsylvania, also is allowed to award three Grand Crosses each year. She has traditionally given two of these to girls and the third to an adult. Her three designates are usually from small assemblies that are struggling to initiate three members in the given year, but they have still given worthwhile service to Rainbow and are deserving of their Grand Cross. Once a person receives a letter from Supreme Assembly declaring them a designate worthy of the Grand Cross of Color, that person is eligible to attend any investiture to become a Master of the Grand Cross. Even if you received that letter 50 years ago, you can still attend any of the four investitures that Pennsylvania has each year, or any investiture in any other jurisdiction. In Pennsylvania, we hold an investiture at Grand Assembly in July with girls from all over the state performing the work. Then in November, there are three investitures around the state for the different Grand Cross regions. The state is broken up into four regions, with regions A and B usually holding a combined meeting. The Grand Cross Directors are: Catherine Reich, Region A; Nancy Blackwood, Region B; Linda Jolly, Region C; and Mary Beth Seifert, Region
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