Grand Nursing Theory Paper

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The analyzing, evaluating and critiquing theories is helpful and important when using particular theory and will apply it in specific area. The purpose of analyzing, evaluating and critiquing theories is to determine the weaknesses and strengths of a particular theory, to determine the need to theory improvement and to assess the theory relevance and applicability to particular filed. In nursing dripline, analyzing, evaluating and critiquing theories is assist to determine if the selected theory is works and useful or not in nursing practice (McEwen & Wills, 2014). Also, to assess the applicability of the theory to the nursing education and practice and research. There are a big different between grand theories and middle range theories. The grand theories are more holistic than middle range theories and…show more content…
For my nursing experience, I have worked in research and specialist hospital in day medical unit. This unit receiving many of cancer patients to provide them routine chemotherapy doses. My focus was arranging their appointments and educating them how to adapt with routine chemotherapy and cancer disease environment. However, Roy, Callista adaptation theory is a grand theory that focuses on promoting adaptation for individuals and groups and responding positively to particular environment changes. Roy believed that "the goal of nursing is to improve adaptive for particular person" through using four adaptive mode (Physiologic needs, Self-concept, Role function, Interdependence) and specific information about the person. For my patients, after reading patients ' files and knowing their history and determine how the patient dealing and adapting with the cancer and chemotherapy. Then, I can dealing and treating patient how to adapt with cancer disease and chemotherapy through using Rou 's four adaptive
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