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Located in the beautiful state of Wyoming, the Grand Teton mountain is the tallest peak of the Teton Range. Touching the sky at 13,775 feet, the Grand Teton is only half the height of Mount Everest but still possesses the power to take your breath away. Day 1 - Snake River Rafting My first day in visiting Grand Teton National Park will be a day of great relaxation. I figured that after all my traveling, a restful trip down the Snake River would do me good. During the ten mile rafting tour I plan on embracing the full scope of nature that Wyoming has to offer. Traveling along with a tour guide, I hope to learn about the environment surrounding the Teton’s. I expect to encounter plenty of wildlife including, birds of prey, water native critters like beavers, and game animals like moose and elk. The travel guide should also be able to educate me on the various plant life surrounding the Snake River. Along the…show more content…
For only $200 I will be able embarking on a guided wildlife tour throughout the Teton Range. This trip is all about the wildlife so I can’t forget to bring my camera along. We will be searching for those famous western mammals in every cowboy movie ever released. I hope to spot bison, moose, eagles, coyotes, and wolves. This will be a great experience to see these animals away from the big screen and away from human civilization. Also we will be stopping by the National Elk Refuge, a preservation containing hundreds of American elk. I hope to ask the tour guides a few questions. What makes the American government set aside a piece of land as a National Park? Also are all of the animals located here native to this region or have some been “naturalized”? After 43 miles of the enriching beauty of the Teton Range we will stop for lunch at the National Museum of wildlife Art. Here we will find art pieces containing images that we have been experiencing throughout our three-day

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