The Grandfather Clock Short Story

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Out story begins in a small antique store off the corner of the road in a town called Tayport. This antique store has seen many furniture come and go; some with a great history with it, others that belong to famous people, and others people traded in for a few coins, but the most interesting furniture the store has ever had inside of it was probably the grandfather clock, he had no history behind him nor didn’t belong to anyone, no one knew where he came from, not even the store owner knows where his records are. People would come inside the store to brows around, once they reach up to the clock, they are shock of the look of the grandfather clock condition is; pieces of wood chipped off, dust inside the lock where his bell was place and wouldn’t…show more content…
The young lad step away from the clock and started looking for the owner of the store. As he walks away, grandfather clock was stun of the approach the young lad made towards him, never in his life has he felt the hands of a person touching him, and he felt warm and happy. Still able to over view the store he can see where the young lad was standing at talking to the store owner, he couldn’t hear what they were talking about but one of the furniture was able to listen in, as he saw the young lad walk out of the store with a depressing look, the furniture that heard the conversation move in talking to grandfather…show more content…
“He hasn’t shown up for months now, maybe he forgot about you and found some other clock to go burn or tinker with,” said the lamp. “You best forget about it and just admit it, no one want you, your ugly and falling apart.” The other furniture in the store follow in, giving negative comments about to grandfather clock, he tried his best to ignore them and remember that moment when the young lad place his hand on top of his board and smile and remember the quotes he gave to grandfather clock, however it was hard with all the talking around him. Out of nowhere the door open up and seeing was the young lad. Furniture around were in shock that he came back but shortly started smiling in the jokes they remember about him being use for scrap and burning away. The young lad walk towards to store owner table, handed him a bag of cash, walk back towards the clock and waited for some people to help him get the clock out of the store. As the store owner started moving pieces of furniture around to make more room, the young lad and a few people laid grandfather clock on his back slowly and started rolling him out of the

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