Grandfather's Journey Push And Pull Factors

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The push and pull factors were similar in most of the books. In Grandfather’s Journey there were just a few similarities in the push factors. Most of them were because of war. In The Journey a push factor was war. The family left their home because the war was dangerous and the mother didn 't want the kids to get hurt, as she already lost her husband. Also they moved because of the danger that the war brought to them. In Grandfather’s Journey the grandson moved because of post war issues. It was a bad place to be living at after the war had happened. However in Grandfather’s Journey there were many other push factors like wanting to see the world, family not being in US, not having a permanent life in Japan, and started missing his homeland. Grandfather’s Journey In both these books they were pushed out of their homes but the war and danger that the war left. Pull factors in The Journey is the safety. They left to get to a safer place so they could live with less fear of death. In Grandfather’s Journey they didn 't want to go because of safety. Instead they wanted to go because of job opportunities, getting married, returning to his…show more content…
Each book followed some of Ravenstein 's laws. In Grandfather’s Journey there were more laws followed than in The Journey. In The Journey the only law that was followed was law two, migration occurs in steps. They packed all their things and left, moved from vehicle to vehicle, got to the border, found a man to help them get across the border, get on a boat, get to land, get on a train, etc. However in Grandfather’s Journey there are many more laws followed including law six, young men migrate over long distances. The grandfather moved from Japan to America. Law five, rural dwellers are more likely to move than urban dwellers. Grandfather lived in a rural place in Japan before moving to US. Law three, long range migrants usually move to urban areas. The grandfather lived in a rural area in Japan and moved to a urban place in
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