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In Memorial of the best Grandma, Grandma Jebson. It 's hard to really understand how much something hurts, until something happens to the people you love the most, your family. It’s even harder to think to myself I didn 't get to say goodbye to you Grandma J, but I don’t think I really need to because you’ll always be with me, you may be in heaven but always in my heart. I said a prayer to God last friday night and it went a little something like this. “Dear God, I forgive you for taking my grandma away from us, because I know for sure you and her family will take care of her in heaven”. “Promise me that, and Grandma, I know this is what you wanted, it may break our hearts to not here your sweet voice anymore, but I know you’re already looking…show more content…
God knows what he was doing, he choose you to come to him, so therefore we will have to trust him. And writing this may have been one of the hardest things yet, not knowing how to make this perfect enough, but I put a lot of thought into it for you Grandma. I wanted you to have something to read, for you to know how much we are gonna miss you, more than I bet you could imagine. Even tho on a good note, I could only think you 're sitting at your kitchen table right now telling Grandpa John, Jimmy, and Joe all the great times you had with us, because I sure know we will remember all the great times with you. So here this is for you Grandma, there may be many sleepless nights I lay awake thinking about you, hard days where I want to see you, times I cry to you, pray to you at night, just for you to realize there wont go one day where I won 't think about you, won 't miss you like crazy. You’ve made these years of my life amazing grandma, it’s sad I won 't get to spend any more birthdays with you, or sit with you, but you”ll be above me, above all of us, doing what you always do.. And we love you, heaven gained the brightest angel yet, God knows what he 's doing Grandma, he will take care of you, and we won 't ever forget you.

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