Grandma's House: A Short Story

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Grandma’s House
Shoaib Arshad

Drrng Drrng. Oh my god not again. Soon as I ended my sentence the other phone in our house went off ringing like crazy. All three different sounds of Drrng Drrng, a nerve wracking repetitive melody that is probably supposed to be relaxing, and of course my mom’s voice screaming: “Shoaib answer the phone!!”.
As all five members of my family including me ignore my mom and the disturbing sound of the phones, pretending to be deaf, I get frustrated. This is my turn to pass the ball to someone else as playing deaf is not working anymore. I tiptoe to bathroom and quietly lock the door behind me, then I shout: “Sara(younger sister) answer the damn phone!! I’m in the bathroom! Are you fucking dumb?”. I must’ve forgotten
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I soon see the green look of plants in front of my grandparents’ unit and follow the black and white tiles on the ground till I see the long cream colored metallic door of their unit. My grandmother opens the door with a super bright and warm smile and I see my grandfather slowly following her to the door while fixing his belt. They don’t usually get to see my dad around so they want to seem super formal. We do the whole kissing on cheek and greeting thing and sit on the new brown colored set of their couches. My mom takes off her hijab and goes to kitchen and calls us to go there with her to help my grandma bring fruits, tea and sweets. My grandfather starts the conversation with my dad about political issues and they start this whole awkward argument about the source and solution of these issues. My father moves uncomfortably in his formal black suit and touches his black and white colored beard to give himself the look of an intellectual who finds the conversation interesting . After some time, he starts playing with the car keys on the metallic armrest of the couch and it makes disturbing sound, I guess to show he is not interested in the conversation. My grandfather probably got the sign and switched the topic of conversation from politics to economics knowing my father loves talking about it. They start with rate of exchange and gold market to get to my father’s mistakes in buying many lands, investing in many businesses, and buying shares of businesses in such unstable economic condition. My grandfather holds his hand behind his ears and pushes them forward probably to hear my father better through the whole conversation and my dad does anything he can to show he is not interested. My sisters, my mom, my grandma, and I bring fruits and cups filled with tea to save the whole family
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