Grandmother In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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A Good Man Is Hard to Find “A good man is hard to find” is applies to a woman who is easily to deceived, a poor judgement, and blind by faith. In the story, grandmother want to go to Tennessee to visit, but her son insisted to take his family go to Florida, which is where the “Misfit is aloose from the Federal Pen” is heading. Grandmother is tried to convince the children not to go to Florida by the shown her son “Bailey” the newspaper of the escapees that is “headed toward to Florida,” but Bailey would not listen to his mother and assumed that they will not end up meeting “the Misfit.” Not only Bailey did not want to take his family to where his mother want to go, but attention of his children are ignored her, but instead of mocked her by…show more content…
She put her best clothes and “ostentation hat” sitting in the car. She want peoples to see her corps as refine woman if she die in an accident. “As she said if I should die in an accident along the road, I want people to see my corpse and know I’m was refined and a lady.” She also is naïve and easily to deceived, manipulated by outsider who can act a pity toward her to gain her trust. But deep down inside of her, is the kindness, and care person who would do anything for her family. Even though her grandchildren and son despised her for selfishness and manipulatively…show more content…
All this time, she thought she can convince the misfit to save her family, but instead of make it worse than already is when she say “you’re the misfit.” Lastly, Grandmother, she have a good heart and wonderful person, but she is easily to deceive by peoples. She did not see clearly and she had a poor judgment about who to trust. Even though she know it’s wrong, but being selfish to do it anyway and her belief without true understands of perception that she is blind by faith. With her grace, she could’ve saved her family if she keep it to herself quietly without say that she recognized the “Misfit.” With her grace, now she think of her family before she die and realized how selfishly and manipulated person she been. I believed the story will lead to a good ending. Before grandmother got shot by the misfit, she did showed him the good way and comfort him. Everything she say with her voice will stay inside of him to think about it as he live on. The misfit “if I had of been there I would of know and I wouldn’t be like I am

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