Grandmother Trail Research Paper

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Once upon a time there was a brother called Sam and a sister called Mary. These siblings had to walk to their grandmother’s house. This starts when their parents told them to go up to their grandmother’s house. The mom and dad told them to take a package up to her because it was her birthday. The parents also told them to leave early in the morning. Mary and Sam said “Why do we have to leave early in the morning.” The parents replied by saying “you need to keep her company, till we get done with work.” The siblings had no choice, but to accept that they had to make the journey to grandmother’s house. They took the package and headed to bed. Once morning had come, the brother and sister headed to a trail that leads to Maintain town.

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Mary and Sam were quick to go and investigate this suspicious rock and supposive shortcut. They took this new trail that they suspected to be a shortcut. As looking around the trail there was a sight of new scenery. This new scenery included tall green grass and tall trees. As looking forward they notice that the trail was just leading forward.

Going back to the people in the blue hoodie and blue jeans, you can see that they are no longer headed down the trail. They are now trailing Mary and Sam, just out of sight. There having a little conversation about their plan. The plan that they were discussing was to get brother and sister lost, so they can obtain the package. They stayed in the same place waiting for the kids to be out of site, so they can move in closer.

(The brother and sister kept walking on the trail for the next 10 minutes till they ran into a tree that was blocking their path. They looked around and Mary saw something that appeared to be the continuation of the trail. Mary says “there seems to be a continuation of the trail over there.” Then Mary said “lets keep going that way. Sam said “okay let 's continue on that path.” The trail seemed to lead to the general direction of Maintain town, so they assumed they were getting closer to grandmother’s house.) (say they thought they were lost till they saw another path that looked like a
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