Grandmothers Victory Maya Angelou

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Maya Angelou, one of the most influential African Americans, tells her story to reveal the humanity of their times. Segregation in her time was primal. She learned how to evolve during this time without doubting her character. Raised by her grandmother who had the largest influence in her life, Angelou learned how to accept the environment she was brought up in. In “Grandmothers Victory” Maya Angelou shows innocence, recognition, and bravery to exemplify a powerful message that shows the humanity of her time. The phrase “Powhitetrash,” (Angelou) is used throughout the story to show how they referred to the others. Young, and having the experience Maya had, she was innocent to what was going on around her. She was aware that she was different…show more content…
Maya’s innocence showed how as a young age nothing could be understood as to why she could not fight back and stand up for her family. “I was as clearly imprisoned behind the scene as the actors outside were confined to their roles” (Angelou,18). Her grandmother’s wise words after this event led her to become the women she is today. By reminding Maya to always have respect for all her elders, no matter what color, helped shaped Maya Angelou into the most influential world leaders for African Americans. As Maya grew up she was able to recognize and acknowledge more about why she was different and why she had to follow certain rules and have a certain lifestyle. Maya’s grandmother declared that whenever they referred to an adult they must address them as “Mister, Missus, Miss, Auntie, Cousin, Unk, Uncle, Buhbah, Sister, Brother, and a thousand other appellations indicating familial relationship and the lowliness of the addressor” (Angelou,16). “Lay hands on the sick and afflicted,” (Angelou,19) her grandmother told her as a principle that will never leave her. Her grandmother chose to take the highroad instead of falling down to their level. Her message was no matter what people do to you in life, never lose your character. Maya’s age frame was a time of
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