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One Winter morning, when I was off of work and spending time with the family by decorating the house for Christmas. My two daughters, Elizabeth who is fifteen and Maria who is ten felt that the Winter season was full of life and glamour. My wife Donna was making cookies with the whole chocolate scent filling the whole house. Elizabeth went outside in our shed to get out Christmas lights. Elizabeth asked me, “Dad, did you always help out with the lights?” I replied,” Like Grandpop Rob, we always make the house luxurious and bright with the Christmas lights.”
Elizabeth and I finished putting the lights up and then we put the decorations from my parents’ house outside. Next, we went inside, then Elizabeth helped her sister Maria with decorating
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The time on my watch read seven o’clock, I decided to get everyone in the living room to share the memory of when I when on a cruise with my family for Christmas. Alex and Elizabeth cuddled together, Maria and David were next to each other, Donna was with me and then I started, “ When I was fifteen and your Aunt Alyssa was thirteen, we were out of school for eleven days. Grandmom Robin and Grandpop Rob and both of us went down to Grandpop Rob’s parents house and stayed there for two days, and I got an Eagles jersey, shorts, and fifty dollars. Aunt Alyssa received some clothing…show more content…
Back to the story, After the second day we left South Carolina to go to Port Canaveral, Florida. Where the cruise ship was, and we handed our luggage to the porter to bring onto the cruise ship. After boarding I met some new friends and played Basketball. One friend, Dwayne lived in New York and I do not know what he does now but back to it. Dwayne was in the same club on the ship known as Club O2. After the basketball game the other friends, Paris, James, Jordan, Mitch, Kyle, Mitch, Marlow joined into Club O2. Boarding night was obnoxious and party until one in the morning the next day. Jordan and I were DJs for the parties for the whole week. Then Christmas came around on the ship, and all of us Club O2 teens were laughing, dancing, and having a good time. All of us realized that we were all family on this cruise. Next we continued celebrating our joyous spirit.”
Alexander contributed to the conversation,” Sounds like an interesting time over there Mr.Hicks.”
I said emphatically, “ It was enjoyable.”
It was nine o’clock and told the kids to go to sleep, and i told the two boys, Alex and David that they can sleep in the guest room upstairs on the couches on either floor. The boys went upstairs and all of us fell
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