Grannies Persuasive Speech

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Possible Lead Hidden behind the sweet voices of an innocent looking group of ladies is a politically charged message, “We’ve got to stop the destruction of our lands/ Turn back the pipeline/ take our stand/ Stop draining our planet it’s in our hands/ We’ve got the whole word in our hands.” Nine white-haired women sit around a table in the chapel room of The First United Methodist Church in Eugene, Ore. as they sing their own rendition of “We’ve got the Whole World in Our Hands.” This is one of the songs that the Raging Grannies shared at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference on March 3rd, with the hope of raising awareness about the threats of climate change. Nutgraf The Raging Grannies Eugene, a local group of senior women, with a passion for creating awareness towards climate change,…show more content…
1-2 Paragraphs Brief description/history Why do they care? 2-3 Paragraphs “What will our children say if they found out we knew and did nothing” The older generation contributed to climate change, they should show that they care about fixing it. How can the Grannies serve as an advantage? 5-6 Paragraphs Why being of an older generation can be helpful “We think people are less likely to club a granny than they would be to club the young people” They are willing to get arrested, willing to serve as a buffer between the authority and the youth. There has been more talk of this since the election Briefly highlight the current political climate nationwide. “What can happen is that sort of the organizations with the greatest amount of white privilege get to be the loudest voices, and it was sort of how you give the biggest voice to the most disenfranchised” Hopes that the young will learn from the mistakes of the old Most of the grannies were politically active in the ‘60s but stopped when they had to settle down and raise families. Now that they are retired they have the time to create noise while others don’t. Expand with Raging Granny Linda’s
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