Granny Bent's Charley Skedaddle

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Charley Skedaddle, a Yankee drummer runaway In the historical fiction novel, “Charley Skedaddle”, a twelve year old Bowery gang member of the busy streets of New York City wants to become part of the 140th Infantry of New York. Just being a hat deliverer for his sister, Noreen, had the dream of joining the infantry. Although having to be sixteen to enlist, Charley ends up on a ship heading to Alexandria, Virginia. He finds the ship environment quite interesting being surrounded by drunks and gamblers. He does meet some people on the way and ends up at a small town of Culpeper. He went through several officers to confirm his age and what he could do in the 140th Infantry. And he was made an official drummer boy and got trained for months by a former drummer and soldier in training, Silas.…show more content…
He is a very courageous, Irish, and interesting 12 year old from New York City. He ends up in the 140th infantry of New York as a drummer boy and deserts his first battle. He then becomes a Confederate prisoner and released quickly. He went to the Blue Ridge Mountains and meets Granny Bent. He saved Granny and killed a mean mountain lion, making him courageous. Granny Bent is a somewhat major character and a protagonist. She is firm, but caring. She used the Underground railroad to get to the Blue Ridge Mountains where she lived when she caught Charley sneaking into her hen house. She had Charley work for her and had him as a helper on her land. She helped the people of the community by growing herbs (yarbs) and went to every birthing. She makes Charley her own boy and letted him live at her home until the Confederates were planning on invading the mountains. Noreen is a gentle and loving sister of Charley. She is his caregiver as their parents died when he was younger. She supported him and never wanted him to be the worst. She wanted the best for him. She was a seamstress of her area and had Charley deliver things for
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