Granny Midwives Research Paper

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When I was thirteen years old I took a trip to Itta Bena, MS to visit my grandmother, a local midwife who helped deliver 95% of the population there. On the first day of arrival we sat and talked about everything that she could possibly think of: growing up in the south, favorites foods, my grandfather but mostly we spoke about her career as a Midwife. She spoke with much passion about her career and her love for babies often saying “I love all babies… Black, blue, white or orange they all have a place in my heart”. Two years later I revisited the subject in my sophomore year child development class, though this time I began to learn the history of midwives and their tasks. Until the 20th century, when trained physicians and hospitals became the norm place of delivery, midwives provided most of the care for poor and rural women throughout the south. These women were often referred to as “granny midwives” due to them being of old age, midwives were typically black and were highly respected within their communities. Not only had the midwives provided care towards pregnant women they also helped with…show more content…
It’s encouraged for the midwife to arrive at the patient 's house early, giving them plenty time to prepare for delivery. Upon arriving, they immediately began to boil scissors and linen towels, while waiting for the materials to boil she changes the dressing on the bed and move them closer to a source of light, making it easier for her to see while delivering. A table in the room holds all the materials needed making it easier to access during
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