Granville Mental Disorders

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The diagnosis of hysteria was still in the diagnosis book of the American Psychological Association until the early 1950s. How do medical institutions continue to pathologize (make normal bodily processes seem like disease) women’s bodies? Medical Institutions still pathologize women’s bodies. One such instance of this is through their diagnoses of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). The American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) categorizes it as a disorder, despite the fact that little research supports the existence of PMDD. Researches have found that women are no more likely to have mood problems during their periods than at other times. Another study shows that men are just as likely…show more content…
The movie demonstrated how institutions defined womens through showing how the men in the movie more or less went “we don’t like this about women, so anyone has these traits must have a disorder.” Charlotte repeatedly told Dr. Granville what she realized was “wrong,” with the women and the absurdity of treatment of it. However, every time, Granville brushed her off, informing her that because he was a doctor, he knew more about women than her, a woman. The men of the movie were too blinded by their own notions and ideologies to look past their ignorance. Granville soon became what he had fled from at the beginning of the movie. He left his job due to his superior’s willful ignorance, and soon became just as ignorant himself in the pursuit of his dream. He ultimately became a hypocrite, if a well meaning one. Dr. Dalrymple’s distinguished establishment practiced an absurd treatment, little less so than using leeches to suck out illnesses. At the end of the movie, Emily states that she had been living for her father, doing what he wanted. For many, the ideal woman is one who is subservient to men. That has clearly waned in modern society, but not completely subsided. Because no one wants to be institutionalized or die alone, women define themselves and their value in what men
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