Grapes Of Wrath Class Analysis

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I feel that the class lesson was successful overall. Through creating the lesson with my group and by actually teaching it, I learned a lot about my skill set. I also gained a deeper understanding of the story of Noah’s Ark and of the section of The Grapes of Wrath in which my group focused. In my group, I learned that a group without strong leadership does not function very well. I felt that at first, especially, no one took charge. This weakened our group a bit, we were a little behind because we did not decide on a topic on the first day. We also had to throw the class activity together in the last few days because everyone was too nervous to say what they thought would be best. When we were presenting, we all knew our individual parts, but they were not very spread out. I know that I personally spoke more than some other members of…show more content…
The class really enjoyed and understood the lesson, and they really seemed to like our class activity. The main complaint about our presentation that I saw was that my group did not have many examples of allusions between the two stories. These students are not really wrong, other groups have had more examples than we have. However, Noah’s Ark was a very short story and only a few of its points related directly to The Grapes of Wrath. If we mentioned anything else, it would have been a stretch. My group was more focused on having strong allusions than on having a lot of them. The students also pointed out that we did not have equal speaking time, which I had noted earlier. The class did have a pretty good comprehension of the lesson. Looking at their answers on the do-now worksheets, all of their answers were correct, and it looked like some of them corrected their answers after we went over them which proves that they were engaged in the class. I was honestly a lot harder on myself than the class was which is very shocking to
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