Grapes Of Wrath Essay

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I personally did not adore the Grapes of Wrath as much as the Jungle. The book was effective at showing the hard times the farmers of the Depression period had. The characters in this book I did not like them as characters. People should revel in the fact that Tom just released from prison and that was an awe-inspiring way to commence the book. The book keeps my attention till Tom advanced in the union business. Losing interest at this point the author did not efficiently portray the unions and the strikes. The book jumbled up Steinbeck ideas switching from one chapter to another. The book was confusing being focused on the family and then being thrown into the next chapter was just wanting to focus on the main characters and not hopping around…show more content…
As a result this granted dose adds realism to the story, it makes it harder to read and follow. A sprucing up and trimming down of the heavy slang and accents. Also all the characters spoke with these heavy accents. One example of the heavy slang came from page 180 “Tell ‘ em ya dong growed sence you los’ your eye.” Equally important the vernaculars can also hinder the reading of the book. Proceeding to look up some of the expressions since they are rarely used in today 's world of phrases and the slang. Notably, for one phrase “tom-cattin” when used I had trouble finding the meaning of some of the phrases and the slang used throughout the book. Consequently, there is also the overuse of the decor in the first three pages the word dust was recycled at least 24 times just in those pages. Seeming that Steinbeck went off trajectory with the portrayal of the surroundings in a few paragraphs. Moreover, the description of California is satisfactory it helps create the surroundings of the so called promise land that was thought of. To sum up, overall in the end, I sort of enjoyed the book was not the best or the worst one I have ever read. Grapes of Wrath were a little perplexing with the ascents and some of the slang used in the book. Furthermore, the fact that the protagonists don’t win is another negative for the book, I know times were horrible, and there should have
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