Grapes Of Wrath Home Analysis

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The Greater Purpose of Home, Community, & Fellowship Home is where the heart is. In Steinbeck’s book, The Grapes of Wrath, the concepts of home, community, and fellowship are changed throughout the novel for the Joads. At first, home is simply the four walls that they live in and the area around it. Community is the neighbors that live surrounding them. Fellowship is a thing that rarely ever happens amongst the nearby families. Then later on as the book progresses, the ideas change into something that the family will value much more. In the early stages of the book, Tom Joad ventured back to his rural home after serving four years in prison. When he arrived there he discovered that the his property is deserted of his family and of his belongings. Then shortly, he is informed by the nomadic Muley Graves that his family has been forced to leave their home and that they now reside with his uncle John. When he arrives at the…show more content…
“And the people listened, and their faces were quiet with listening. The story tellers, gathering attention into their tales, spoke in rhythms, spoke in great words because the tales were great and the listeners became great the through them” (Steinbeck 325). This shows the friendships that have formed between the travelers. These bonds are formed as a result of the hardships that have been faced by each of the families. This creates a new-found sense of fellowship among the people. These relations allow the migrants to forget about the hard times for a while and enjoy themselves. This is something that had never really happened until this point in the novel. This is yet another important theme in the book. Home, community, and fellowship play a major role in the development of the novel The Grapes of Wrath. Each concept helped bring the migrants together. This made the journey to California much easier than it would have been had the migrants of stayed separated and
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