Grapes Of Wrath: Quote Analysis

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7. Generalization: an opinion or statement made about a large group, neglecting to take individuality into account.
Textual Evidence
“A gentle riddance.—Draw the curtains, go.—
Let all of his complexion choose me so.”

The quote presented is an instance of Portia making a generalization. More specifically, however, the generalization is racism, which Portia has demonstrated before. The reason why the quote is racist is because Portia wants all of the people with the same skin color as the prince to leave. Rather than wanting them to leave because their personalities or behavior is unpleasant, Portia wishes for their departure solely due to how the people look. And, the quote also provides another example of Portia
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O my ducats! O my daughter,
Fled with a Christian! O my Christian ducats!
Justice, the law, my ducats, and my daughter!
A sealèd bag, two sealèd bags of ducats,
Of double ducats, stol 'n from me by my daughter!
And jewels—two stones, two rich and precious stones—
Stol 'n by my daughter! Justice, find the girl!
She hath the stones upon her, and the ducats.””

The quote delineates Shylock’s extreme lack of support for his daughter’s decision. First, an example of Shylock’s lack of support is his confusion. Though Shylock makes it appear as though his financial loss is almost as important, the loss of his daughter fleeing with a Christian seems incomprehensible to him. Another example is his outrage, which is evident throughout the passage. Furious, Shylock shouts at the Justice to find his daughter and his money, obviously showing that Shylock is angry with his daughter for stealing from him.

Term: Definition 10. Personification: Giving human traits to an inanimate object or an inanimate object performing a human-like action.
Textual Evidence
“Must give—for what? For lead? Hazard for lead?
This casket threatens. Men that hazard all
Do it in hope of fair
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