Grapes Of Wrath Quote Analysis

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1. “Nothing in life comes easy, if it does you should be suspicious” (222) 2. “Thinking about that moment was like peeling a scab off an almost healed wound” (9) 3. “They love to wave the red flag in the bullring, but you don’t have to react” (209) 4. “In any case, she refused to take the drug test and signed a paper for the termination of her parental rights to me instead” (137) 5. “If you were not made of resilient material, you would not have come this far” (212) 6. “Most of the time our personal monsters stay submerged, even though the constantly changing water keeps us on edge. Every once in a while a creature 's tail, fin, or snout will surface.” (146) (C) This can be connected to the quote “hard work pays off” because if you do not work for something either, somebody else will get the…show more content…
You can simply walk away and not let it bother you or, blow up and give the reaction that the person wanted to see. (CL) This means that Ashley’s mom more than likely had some connection to drugs, since she refused to take the test. Since she terminated her parental rights, Ashley will never be able to live with her mom again. (C) This quote can connect to the real world because when a nation has to deal with a major natural disaster or a terrorist attack, they don’t let it ruin them. Everybody joins together, rebuilds, and creates a stronger bond in the nation. If they could not do that, the nation would still be in ruins. (C) This can connect to the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Just because someone seems alright on the outside doesn’t mean that the necessarily are. They could be dealing with a multitude of things, and be hiding it very well. But at times, it might get the best of them and they can break down seemingly out of
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