Why I Chose Graphic Design Essay

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I always wanted to be graphic designer since my freshman year when i took a course on it and i really enjoyed it. My work style fits this career in many ways. I would envision myself in working in my own company, or work in a big company helping my clients with revamping their new brand and turning that brand into a reality. I always design everyday at home, i make money and making art and logos to a upcoming company that is starting or a company or a company that need to modernize their brand. It may be a potential career path because i already do this at home and already making good progress by practicing everyday while making some money. In 10 years, i want to illustrate or design my own video game or work with adidas. They have one of the best creative…show more content…
( They usually work in offices or studios, but may also work from home or travel locally to work with clients that may be stressful due to deadlines. ( You do not want to miss your deadline date because it determines how you work as a person. You want your client to be comfortable and confident that the work will be done on time. This will impact your business and your future. Your responsibility is to make the best work for your client and help build their identity or brand.( Weather it is making a logo or creating advertisements for them everyone in the world is going to look at it. Graphic designers usually work in their offices. You can work at home also if you are a freelance graphic designer, which means you are working for yourself and not a studios. ( Sometimes your client will want the work done in a specific day, so it is not a good idea to procrastinate. You can work with a partner to get work done quickly if you are busy with another clients work. You will get at least $200-$300 a day if you are a freelance designer.
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