Graphic Design Personal Statement

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In the last fifteen years, the acceleration of technology has been astounding. Technology has truly engrossed itself in every area of our lives. Social networks were born and have excelled, changing the way we communicate with one another. Buying and selling products was once done only face to face but is now done with the single click of a mouse. With tablets and smart-boards, even education is being revolutionized. Technology continues to modify and influence our society, economy, and educational system. This constant growth of technology is the reason Graphic Design exists. It is also why this field of work is ever-changing. As I feel God leading me to pursue a future in graphic design, I see this trend as an opportunity to be forward-thinking,…show more content…
As a result of this trend, Graphic Design is also always changing. Thankfully, I am firmly rooted in a God who does not change, and for this reason not even the shifting sands of technology can move me. This characteristic equips me to keep an unwavering, eternal perspective when facing new challenges in the workplace. I respect people. I consider respect as one of my strengths as well as one of my passions. People have such rich value, and as a result I believe it is important to show them kindness and love. I know I can treat people with respect even in a fluid work atmosphere, like Graphic Design. I have learned to be flexible. I can keep a level head and think on my feet when it is necessary. As new technology continues to change Graphic Design, I know I can meet these changes head-first and work to make them opportunities for creativity. I am a problem-solver. Problems bug me. I want to think about a problem from all angles and come up with the best solution possible. Constant modifications in technology can be problematic for the application of Graphic Design, but I hope to use my problem solving skills to sustain the success of my future field of work. I am creative. I enjoy looking at things that work well and imagining how they could be even better. This is much of what Graphic Design is about: taking an idea and communicating that idea in a more effective way. Advances in technology are going to change exactly what that means, but they will not change the vitality of creativity in Graphic Design. I live with integrity. I strive to do what is right and honor God. People can count on me to accomplish what they ask of me. I believe this attribute is important to have no matter what I end up doing in life. All of the leadership qualities I have, are only because of Christ. James 1:17 says, “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” I
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